Saint James Episcopal Church

Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit

We are a small, inclusive Episcopal Church that hosts a broad-based Spiritual Center for the community.
We seek new ways to relate with and serve God in this place and celebrate the fullness of life in each individual.


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Spirituality, Art and a Profound Sense of Place

McGowan house was built in 1918 as a spiritual retreat. Design of the house derives from the the influential early-20th century architects Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene. Greene and Greene structures are prime exemplars of the American Arts and Crafts Movement emphasizing meticulous worksmanship with use of natural materials. Through the decades, it has become an ever more inclusive, welcoming place, a spiritual center for groups of diverse sensibilities.

And just over a century after its first opening, this house was in need of significant repairs.

Earlier this year, the whole roof  has been redone, handicap accessible bathrooms installed, the chimneys inspected, the original dining room and main entrance wood floors have been refinished, the basement has been cleaned out after many decades of accumulation and the kitchen was given a new life with fresh paint and new floors.

May McGowan House remain that spiritual haven that welcomed  people striving to make our community a better place for the decades to come!

Take a look at the Schedule page to see the calendar or at the Spiritual Center page to know more about McGowan House.


Saint James Episcopal Church Monterey
Saint James Episcopal Church Monterey1 week ago
In alignment with our commitment to welcoming varied approaches to spirituality, and with a mindset geared towards encouraging rich, thoughtful dialogue on our faith journey, here is a video that may pique your interest. Originating from the Communion of the Mystic Rose (CMR), a religious order within the Episcopal tradition, this presentation offers a unique perspective on observing the period of Lent.

May this season be a time of growth, understanding, and unity for our St. James family.

Blessings and peace to you all during this Lenten season.
Saint James Episcopal Church Monterey
The Real Meaning of ‘Satan’ and the Wilderness of Lent, from a Monk and Mystical Theologian
What is the deepest meaning of 'entering the wilderness', as Jesus did before starting his public ministry, or of 'Satan' (the 'Adversary' or 'Divider'), who...